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Year Round Offerings

Broken Auger Lager  5.0%

A predominantly Pale grain bill, with a dash of Munich & Crystal malt, make up this light, crisp beer. Its malty base is balanced by a combination of hops which add a bright & earthy aroma.

Broken Heart Stout  6.4%

A remarkably smooth dark beer that boasts roasted malt & coffee flavors accentuated by a hint of chocolate. Mt Hood & Fuggle Hops provide a dynamic bitterness to this beer that finishes dry.

Broken Routines Mosaic & Amarillo IPA  5.5%

Our Mosaic & Amarillo IPA is bursting with flavor while remaining approachable with a 5.5% ABV. This single IPA, featuring Mosaic & Amarillo hops, contains bright citrus flavors with a smooth, moderately hoppy finish.

Marbledale American Pale Ale  6.0%

This refreshing, well-balanced beer is made with American ingredients. A heavy dose of Nugget & Palisade hops add bitterness & a thirst-quenching flavor. A final touch of Citra hops give it a strong citrusy aroma, while still highlighting the malty backbone.

Red Ale  5.5%

Our Red Ale has a malty, lightly sweetened personality that is smooth & easy on the palate. Subtle caramel aroma, topped with a cream-colored head, this beer is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to food pairings.


Lucy's Strawberry Sour Wheat Ale  6.5%

This sour style wheat beer is strawberry blonde in color & pleasantly tart with notes of lemon, rhubarb & grapefruit. Light & crisp on the palate, the fresh strawberries balance the acidity in the background, ending with a refreshing, dry finish.

Pumpkin Spiced Oktoberfest  5.5%

A toasty malt backbone with hints of biscuit and toffee balanced by noble German hops. Our twist on this traditional lager includes pumpkin pie spices and ends on a crisp note. Prost!


Broken Resolutions Imperial IPA 12.2%

Brimming with Citra & Ekuanot hops, this Triple IPA remains remarkably smooth with just a hint of alcohol warmth.

Dark Harvest Lager  4.9%

Our Dark Harvest Lager is pepper forward with added cinnamon to balance the heat & pineapple to add contrast. Don't be spooked by the dark color this beer is light & crisp.

Helles Yeah Lager  4.9%

A traditional medium bodied bright lager with low bitterness and great bready flavor. An ideal brew when you want a simple crisp beer.

Ivan's Revenge Russian Imperial Stout in collaboration with John Fix  10.5%

With dark fruit & dark chocolate aromas, along with hints of English toffee throughout, this beer will only get better with age. Expect to see this brew come & go for re-releases throughout the Fall & Winter seasons.

Space Brut IPA  8.0%

Our take on this stylistically new Brut IPA is straw in color, dry hopped with Citra & Galaxy hops & highlights a dry, crisp mouth feel. This champagne-like beer is perfect for special occasions!