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  Our Red Ale has a malty, lightly sweetened personality that is smooth & easy on the palate, subtle caramel aroma, topped with a cream-colored head, this beer is a jack-of-all trades when it comes to food pairings. 
 Pale & Crystal malts create a balanced and flavorful, hop-forwards beer. A heavy dose of Columbus, Cascade & Palisade hops are the foundation for bitterness and flavor. A final touch of Cascade hops give this brew a strong, citrusy aroma. 
 A toasty malt backbone with hints of biscuit and toffee balanced by noble German hops. Our twist on this traditional lager includes pumpkin pie spices and ends on a crisp note. Prost! 
 This sour style wheat beer is strawberry blonde in color, and pleasantly tart with notes of lemon, rhubarb and grapefruit. Light and crisp on the palate, the fresh strawberries balance the acidity in the background, ending with a refreshing, dry finish. 
 This potent and generous barley wine has been aged in a mixture of bourbon, red wine and rye barrels, which meld into a seamless mix of berries, oak & toasty bourbon. The complex aroma contains vinous notes, along with red apple and toasty oak tannins, that mix with pleasantly rounded hints of bourbon and barrel elements going from softer vanilla and almond to deeper char. The alcohol adds some welcome lean, warmning elements to a very impressive range of flavor profiles that include caramelized malts and barrel notes along with a brilliant assortment of fruit characteristics. 
 A full-bodied Belgian ale, intense and complex with a rich, creamy head. The nose is a fruity bouquet topped with honey and clove notes. This "devilish" beer finishes with a spicey alcohol warmth. GOLD MEDAL WINNER, The Great American Beer Festival 2016 - Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale 
 An IPA that is bursting with flavor while remaining approachable with a lower alcohol content. This single IPA, featuring Mosaic and Amarillo hops, contains bright, juicy, citrus flavors with a smooth, moderatley hoppy finish. 
 This light-bodied sour ale has an abundance of clementine flavor without the bitterness of its pith. Its sour "creamsicle" flavor reminds you that summer is around the corner. 

 An imperial strength Belgian wit beer. 

 A jet-black beer that tastes as bold and intense as it looks. Aged for 18 months, this beer displays rich, roasted malt flavors, predominately bittersweet chocolate and dark fruit, finishing with a gentle alcohol warmth.  

 A velvety winter seasonal with a smooth, bitter, coca notes upfront and a sweet, nutty finish. GOLD MEDAL WINNER, Best of Craft Beer Awards 2017 - Field Beer