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New to Craft Beer?

First time visiting a brewery. Four tips when tasting new craft beers. No need to stress if it is your first time visiting a brewery. While the selection might be a bit overwhelming, trust me, with these tips, your first trip will be nothing short of successful! According to Deconstructing Craft Beer”. 3/21/22, when deconstructing your craft beer, there are 4 different areas to be aware of when tasting craft beer.

  1. Appearance - Can anything arouse the senses quite like a perfectly poured glass of craft beer? Whether it is pale, gold, amber, copper, brown or black, craft beer is always aesthetically pleasing. It can be filtered or unfiltered. A thick collar of foam is a necessary part of the appeal.

  1. Aroma - The nose knows best. Your first whiff of a craft beer sets the stage. Hops, malt, and yeast contribute to aromatic qualities by varying degrees. The enticing aromas of malt, bread, fruit, flowers, spice, pine, citrus – and more – prime your senses to enjoy the beverage.

  1. Flavor - No drink in the world has craft beer’s diverse range of flavors. There are many styles offering a spectrum of tastes to enjoy. Flavors are enhanced as a beer warms. Common descriptors include sweet, malty, bitter, bready, spicy, sour, fruity, nutty, roasted, and chocolate.

  1. Mouthfeel - What is the difference between full- and light-bodied craft beers? Try comparing skim milk and whipping cream. Carbonation levels also determine whether a beer feels still and heavy or drier and spritzy. Other textural sensations include astringency, warmth, oiliness, crispness, and creaminess.

It is also important to note your overall impression of the beer. What is your opinion of the beer? Was there a delicious element that made it stand out in its category? Did a bad element make it stand out for reasons to the contrary? Most importantly though, you want to have fun with this. Whether you are new to craft beer or have been a long-time #craftbeerlover, we want you to discover new styles and increase your appreciation of all the arduous work that goes into brewing every style. To check out the current offerings at Broken Bow Brewery, please visit our website at For more information on what is happening at The Bow, do not forget to sign up for our Broken Newsletter!

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