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Barbie's Summer Cocktail: Mule Inspired Alcoholic Slushie!

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Watermelon Mule Slushie Made With Fresh Watermelon
Watermelon Mule Slushie

Hi Barbie! How does a brewery celebrate the release of the Barbie movie? With a limited release Barbie alcoholic slushie of course! Our Watermelon Mule Slushie with fresh squeezed watermelon, tangy ginger beer & vodka is the perfect drink to get you thinking pink!

Barbara Millicent Roberts was born–AKA unveiled–March 9th, 1959 by the notable toy company, Mattel. Surprisingly enough, the release, although massively successful, was controversial and nearly didn’t get greenlit. Now why is it that the most popular doll in the world was almost shelved, you might ask. Simple, Barbie was an adult. Up until that point, most childrens dolls were modeled after babies and infants. While young boys were given action figures of men in many different jobs, girls could only be caregivers. There was a future parents and toy companies had in mind: girls grow up and only take care of babies.

When Barbie’s inventor, Ruth Handler, realized that her daughter Barbara would give her paper dolls adult roles other than mothers, she set out to make a toy that let little girls imagine their futures like never before. Mattel's release of Barbie was revolutionary as now there was a toy with a different career. Barbie was a fashion model, then an interior designer, then an astronaut. Barbies taught children around the world that they could be anything.

My Barbies were marine biologists, politicians, astronomers. As a kid playing with my lab coat dawned, pink haired Barbie doll, I imagined a future where I could be just like her. Now I can happily say, this Barbie is a brewing scientist who gets to wear a labcoat to work.

To pay homage to everything that Barbie is, we decided to make a limited release alcoholic slushie that was special, sweet, and unique. It’s the perfect drink for the summer time with refreshing watermelon and a splash of vodka. This hot pink sensation goes wonderfully with our visiting food truck, Pizza Da Michelino’s, Summer Salad Pizza, featuring fresh sliced watermelon, feta, red onion, basil and aged balsamic vinegar (available on Sunday, 7/30/23). Our barb-tenders give it “Kens, Kens, Kens!” across the board!

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Jack Torreto
Jack Torreto
Nov 14, 2023

The watermelon taste of course looks great, that's what I love! Of course, I would like to add kiwi, but these are my personal preferences. It is also worth reviewing the company logo milkshake this will allow you to create a new image of the brand. Attract new customers and investors

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