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Craft Beer & Furry Friends

3 tips for a successful trip to the beer garden with your furry friends!

Looking for something to do with your furry friend? Well, just like their humans, most pups love a visit to their local beer gardens! Here are 3 tips to keep in mind before you head out of the door.

  1. Check ahead to make sure the brewery is dog friendly. Keep in mind that just because there is a beer garden does not mean that it is dog friendly. Don’t worry, Broken Bow Brewery has dog-friendly locations in the beer garden and the warehouse portion of our tasting room!

  2. Do not forget your water bowls! While Broken Bow may be your local watering hole to quench your thirst, let’s not forget about our furry friends. Every dog deserves their own pint glass...I mean water stay properly hydrated.

  3. We all get hungry, even our pets. Remember to bring snacks for your pup during your visit. Did you know that we sell fun treats from Cosmo’s Snack Shack for our furry friends? Don’t worry, we’ve got both you and your hungry pups covered!

Whether you are visiting the brewery with family, human friends or furry ones, we are sure that you will have a memorable time!

To check out the current offerings at Broken Bow Brewery, please visit our website at For more information on what is happening at The Bow, do not forget to sign up for our Broken Newsletter!

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